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Carrot Orange Pear Tropical juice

Carrot Orange Pear Tropical juice

Carrot and Orange Fresh Juice
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An exciting combination of natural ingredients full of vitamin C for a healthy body. This carrot orange and pear juice will give you pleasure drinking it every now and then to keep your immune system strong.

I recommend it any day all year round.

Carrot Orange Pear Tropical juice

Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 20 min Total Time 20 mins Servings: 2 Best Season: Summer


This is a combination of health nutrients for the body. It is very easy to make and only requires very few ingredients.



  1. Feed the carrot halves through a juicer, followed by the oranges and then the pear.

  2. Blend the juice together with the honey using a blender or stir it using a spoon.

  3. Serve the juice in a glass of your choice.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 100gm

Servings 1

Amount Per Serving
Calories 76
% Daily Value *
Total Fat 0.19g1%
Saturated Fat 0.03g1%
Sodium 35mg2%
Potassium 323mg10%
Total Carbohydrate 7.15g3%
Dietary Fiber 3g12%

Vitamin A 2%
Vitamin C 46%
Calcium 0.35%
Iron 0.05%
Vitamin E 1.3%
Phosphorus 8%
Magnesium 16.2%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily value may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


Oranges are very rich in vitamin C which helps fight infections in the body. Combined with carrots we get more benefits of added provitamin A. This makes a refreshing, delicious and nutritious drink. When buying the oranges ensure that they are well ripened to get a sweet taste as unripe oranges are sour. The Asian pears are the best for this juice because they are very juicy and have less pulp. 

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